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Write a story in about 80 words using the following hints:

Two friends passing through a forest – a bear came- one friend climbed a tree – the other friend could not climb the tree -helpless -lay down like a dead man -bear came near the man -thought he was dead- went away.

Two Friends and a Bear /The True Friend

Once two friends were passing through a dense forest. They were afraid and promised to help each other in danger. Suddenly a bear came before them. One of the friends climbed a nearby tree very quickly to save himself. But the other friend did not know how to climb a tree. He was feeling very helpless. Suddenly an idea came on his mind. He had heard that bears would not touch a dead man. So to save his life he acted like a dead man lying down on the ground. The bear came near him, sniffed him and went away thinking him dead. The other friend who left his friend in danger, came down from the tree and asked him” What did the bear tell you?” He replied, ” Do not trust a false friend.”

Moral: A friend in need is a friend indeed. / Do not rely on a false friend./

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