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Once upon a time, in a quaint village, there lived a diligent farmer in need of water for his parched fields. After some contemplation, he approached his wily neighbour with a proposal to purchase the well on the neighbour’s land. The neighbour, with a mischievous glint in his eye, agreed to sell the well, but he had a sly condition—the farmer could not access the water within it!

Feeling deceived by this cunning agreement, the farmer decided to seek justice. He made his way to the imperial palace to lay his grievances before the wise emperor, who was known for his fair judgments. The emperor, known for his wisdom and sense of justice, listened intently to the farmer’s tale and resolved to assist him.

Summoning the tricky neighbour to the royal court, the emperor’s sagacious courtier interrogated him about the peculiar transaction. The courtier questioned why the neighbour had sold the well while denying the farmer access to its water. With a wry smile, the neighbour artfully replied that he had indeed sold the well itself, not the precious liquid contained within.

Upon hearing the neighbour’s clever retort, the courtier reported the matter to the emperor. After thoughtful consideration, the wise monarch devised a solution. He turned to the neighbour and presented two options: either pay rent for the water to the farmer or promptly empty the entire well, leaving it dry.

The neighbour, recognizing the futility of his trickery, had a change of heart. He felt remorse for his deceitful actions and approached the farmer with a heartfelt apology. With sincerity, he admitted his wrongdoing and expressed his regret.

Moral: Cheating will get you nowhere.

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