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A lion sleeping – a mouse played – the mouse was caught- prayed for life- freed the mouse- the lion was caught in a trap- the mouse cut the net- saved the lion

The Lion and the Mouse

Once a lion was sleeping in a den. A mouse was playing there. It crawled on his back and bothered the sleeping lion. The lion woke up and caught the mouse under his paw. The angry lion said,” I will kill you.” The frightened mouse pleaded,” Please don’t kill me. If you let me go, I will return the favour some day.” The lion freed the mouse and said,” Never disturb me.”

After a few days the rat was shocked to find that the same lion was caught in a trap. The lion was roaring loudly. The rat went to the spot and said, ” Don’t worry sir, I will keep my promise. I will make you free.” The mouse cut the net with its sharp teeth and set the lion free.

Moral: A good act is always returned.

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