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a wood cutter- axe fell into water- began to cry- water god appeared with a golden axe- wood cutter refused – brought silver axe,again refused – brought his own axe- wood cutter received it- he was awarded for honesty.

The Wood-cutter and the Water-god

Once upon a time a wood cutter was felling wood by side of a river. Suddenly his axe slipped from his hand and fell into the water. He began to cry as it was his only axe. The water god took pity on him and appeared before him with a golden axe. The water god asked, ” Is it your axe?” The wood cutter answered” No, it’s not mine.” The water god dived into the water, brought a silver axe  and asked,” Is it yours?”The wood cutter replied in negative. The water god dived dived for the third time and showed him an iron axe. The wood cutter was very happy to see his own axe and said, ” yes, it is mine.” The water-god was very pleased with his honesty and gave him all the tree axes.

Moral: Honesty is the best policy.

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