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In a Chinese village, an old lady named Nii Yoo adopted three young boys from an orphanage, two of whom, Lan Dua and Swa Jow, she sent to school and treated well. The third boy, Gow Sir, who was blind, was made to serve and lived in meager conditions.

One night, a fire broke out in their home. While Lan Dua and Swa Jow fled, Gow Sir risked his life to save Nii Yoo. In gratitude, she gave him a magical rice bowl, granting wishes with certain rules.

Gow Sir wished for his sight to see Nii Yoo one last time before she passed away. Lan Dua and Swa Jow learned of the rice bowl and wished for material wealth, while Gow Sir wished for a library to expand his knowledge.

Over the years, Lan Dua and Swa Jow continued to wish for riches without effort. Meanwhile, Gow Sir pursued wisdom through books.

When the three came together nine years later, Lan Dua and Swa Jow’s greed led to the bowl breaking. Gow Sir lost his vision, and the others lost their wealth.

Lan Dua and Swa Jow learned from their mistakes, dedicating themselves to education. Gow Sir, although he lost his sight, remained wise and shared his knowledge as a respected teacher. He kept the broken rice bowl as a reminder.

Moral: “Life is shaped by our choices.”

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