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A greedy farmer- a strange goose- laid golden eggs- became rich- wanted to be richer than before- he cut the belly, no egg inside- sad for his action

The Greedy Farmer

Once upon a time there was a poor farmer in a village. One day he bought a goose from market. The goose was vey strange. It laid golden eggs everyday. The farmer became a rich man very soon. But he was very greedy. He wanted to be the richest man in the village. So he wanted to have all the eggs at a time. One day a wicked idea came to his mind. He took a sharp knife and cut the belly of the goose. But he didn’t find any egg inside the belly. He repented for his foolish action because the goose was dead and he would not get golden egg any more.

Moral: Too much greed brings one’s ruin.

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