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Once upon a time, there was a partridge who couldn’t find any food near its cozy home. Feeling hungry and desperate, it decided to venture far away to some cornfields in search of a meal. The partridge stayed there for a few days, enjoying the abundance of food, before finally deciding to return home.

Little did the partridge know, while it was away, a clever rabbit had discovered the partridge’s empty nest and decided to make it its own. The rabbit found the nest to be a perfect shelter and settled comfortably inside. It had no idea that the partridge would soon return.

When the partridge came back to its nest, it was shocked to find the rabbit happily residing there. Both the partridge and the rabbit claimed ownership of the nest and a heated argument ensued. They couldn’t agree on who the rightful owner was, and their disagreement quickly escalated.

The other animals in the area witnessed the commotion and realized that a fair judgment was needed to resolve the dispute. They suggested seeking the help of a wise and impartial judge. After searching for a suitable candidate, they stumbled upon a praying cat by the river. Intrigued by the cat’s serene demeanor, they decided to ask for its assistance.

The cat listened attentively to both the partridge and the rabbit, but it pretended to have difficulty hearing their arguments. Cunningly, the cat asked them to come closer so that it could better understand their claims. Unfortunately, as soon as the partridge and the rabbit approached, the cat pounced on them, killing and devouring them both.

Moral: Don’t trust strangers no matter how friendly they seem.

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