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A fox fell into a well- a goat came there- the goat peeped into the well- the fox invited the goat to drink sweet water- the goat jumped into the well- the fox leaped on its horns and came out of the well.

The Clever Fox and the Foolish Goat

Once a fox fell into a well. He tried his best to get out of it but failed. He was very sad. After sometime a goat came near the well. The goat was very thirsty. He peeped into the well and saw the fox inside the well. Seeing the goat, the fox was very glad. He said to the goat,” Come here my friend and drink the sweetest water of the Earth.” The foolish goat jumped into the well at the very moment. The clever fox climbed upon the horns of the goat and came out of the well. The poor goat remained there only to meet death.

Moral: Look before you leap.

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