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Once upon a time, there were two brothers. The older brother was always mean to the younger one. He would chop firewood in the forest and sell it in the market. But little did he know, an extraordinary adventure was about to unfold.

One day, while the older brother was chopping firewood, he stumbled across a magical tree. This tree was no ordinary tree! It could talk! The tree begged the older brother not to cut him down and promised him something special in return – golden apples! Excited about the idea of golden apples, the older brother agreed to spare the magical tree. But when he received the apples, he felt disappointed. There were only a few of them! This made the older brother angry and he decided to cut down the tree anyway.

As soon as the older brother swung his axe, something unexpected happened. The magical tree showered him with hundreds of sharp needles! Ouch! The older brother fell to the ground in pain, regretting his decision. Meanwhile, the younger brother had been searching for his older brother. Finally, he found him lying on the forest ground, covered in needles. With great care and love, the younger brother removed every single needle from his older brother’s body.

As the younger brother tended to his older brother, the older brother realized how badly he had treated him. He felt sorry and apologized for his mean behavior. It was a heartfelt moment of reconciliation between the two brothers. The magical tree witnessed the brothers’ sincere exchange and was deeply moved. It saw the older brother’s change of heart and decided to give them more golden apples as a reward. From that day forward, the brothers lived happily, cherishing their newfound bond and the magical tree’s gift.

Moral: Kindness will always be rewarded.

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