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Crow sitting on a tree- piece of meat in its beak- fox passing under the tree- wants the meat- asks the crow to sing- starts singing – the piece of meat falls- the fox takes and run away

A Clever Fox and a Foolish Crow

One day a crow stole a piece of meat from a shop. Then he flew to a tree and settled on the branch of the tree to eat that meat.  At that moment, a fox passing under the tree. When he noticed the crow with a piece of meat, be became very greedy and wanted to have it desperately. So he hit upon a plan to praise the crow. He said, ” How beautiful you are! You are also the sweetest singer on this whole Earth. Please sing a song for me.” At this, the foolish crow became very pleased. He started singing.  The piece of meat dropped from his beak to the ground and the fox took it and ran away.

Moral: Do not believe in flattery./ Do not trust a flatterer.

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