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English Grammar Solutions (Do as directed)

1. The policeman said to the thief,”Where have you kept the stolen goods?”(change the mode of narration)
Answer : The policeman asked the thief where he had kept the stolen goods.

2. When the girl saw the snake,she cried out.( turn it into a simple sentence)
Answer : Seeing the snake the girl cried out.

3. Who gave you this book?(change the voice)
Answer : By whom were you given the book.

4. The teacher was inspecting the homework. (change the voice)
Answer : The homework was being inspected by the teacher.

5. The boy said to his friend, “I went to school yesterday.” (change the mode of narration)

Answer: The boy told his friend that he had gone to school the previous day/the day before.

6. A hard working Man signs in life. (make it a complex sentence)
Answer : A man  who works hard shines in life.

7. Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world. (rewrite using positive degree)
Answer : No other peak in the world is as high as Mount Everest.

8. The girl said,”I am watching television now.”
Answer:  The girl said that she was watching television then.

9. My purse has been stolen.(change the voice)
Answer : Somebody /the thief has stolen my purse.

10. We call the tiger our national animal.(change the voice)
Answer : The tiger is called our national animal.

11.  The man said to me,”I will build that broken wall myself.”(change the mode of narration)
Answer :The man told me that he would build that broken wall himself.

12. He is always happy. (make it negative)
Answer : He is never sad.

13. Attack the king,the tyrant. (change the voice)
Answer : Let the king,the tyrant be attacked.

14. Only the  warmongers love fighting. (make it negative)
Answer: None but the warmongers love fighting.

15. The old man said to us,”Motherly love is a unique thing.”(change the mode of narration)
Answer: The old man told us that motherly love is a unique thing.

16. “Where did you keep my bag, mother?” asked Ramesh.
Answer : Ramesh asked his mother where she had kept his bag.

17. Rules must be obeyed. (Change the voice)
Answer : Everyone must obey rules.

18. Speak the truth and I shall reward you.( make it a complex sentence)
Answer : If you speak the truth,I shall reward you.

19. He has worked out the answers carefully. (Change the voice)
Answer : The answers have been worked out carefully by him.

20. “What have you written, Mia? “, the teacher said.
Answer: The teacher asked Mia what she had written.

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