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Once upon a time there was a poor farmer in a village. He had three grown-up sons but all of them were very idle. He wanted to teach them the value of hard work but the lazy sons did not care for his advice. They believed that their fate would bring them a fortune. One day the farmer fell sick and his health was deteriorating with every passing day. He was worried about his lazy sons and wondered how would they lead their life after his death. Finally, he came up with a plan to make his sons realize the necessity of hard work. He called all his sons to death-bed. He told them that there was a hidden treasure buried in the field. So saying, the farmer died.

The lazy sons jumped with glee and went to the field with spades. They dug up the whole field in search of the hidden treasure. But they found no treasure. So they sowed seeds in the field and reaped a good harvest. Gradually they became rich. Finally, they realised the value of hard work.

Moral: Industry brings prosperity. / Hard work never pays off. / No pains, no gains.

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