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Molly, the diligent milkmaid, had the task of milking the cows and peddling the milk at the bustling market. As she made her way to the market, her thoughts drifted towards the myriad of things she could purchase with her hard-earned money. While en route, a plucky chicken caught her eye, igniting a brilliant idea: she could invest in this chicken and harvest a steady income from its eggs. Imagining herself outshining her fellow milkmaids with her newfound prosperity, her excitement bubbled over, prompting an impromptu skipping session. In the midst of her joy, disaster struck, causing the milk to cascade from the pails, rendering her journey futile. Crestfallen, she returned home, pockets empty and dreams unfulfilled.

It was then that her wise mother offered a valuable lesson: “Molly, my dear, never count your chickens before they hatch.” Her mother’s words served as a poignant reminder that anticipation is not a guarantee of success. In her eagerness to reap rewards, Molly had neglected the careful and patient approach required for her plans to bear fruit. From that day forward, Molly learned the importance of patience, prudence, and perseverance in all her endeavors.

Moral: Do not depend on something until you are sure it will happen.

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