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The Golden Touch of Midas

In ancient Greece, there was a notable ruler by the name of King Midas. He was a man of great wealth and power, but he possessed a peculiar obsession with gold. His love for the precious metal was so intense that he wished for everything he touched to turn into gold. One day, his wish was granted by the god Dionysus.

Initially, Midas was thrilled with his newfound power. He touched rocks and plants and they turned into gold. He went on touching random things all around him, which turned into gold immediately. Soon he was hungry and he returned to his palace to eat some food. However, he was disappointed that he could not eat anything as whatever he touched turned into gold instantly. Seeing him frustrated and troubled, his daughter came running and threw her arms around her father to comfort him. But to his dismay, even his daughter turned into gold as he touched her.

He realized the terrible consequences of his wish. He pleaded with Dionysus to take back his gift, and the god agreed. Midas learnt a valuable lesson.

Moral: Don’t be greedy in life. / One who wants all at once ends up getting nothing in life./ Greed is the cause of all worries. /Greed will always lead to downfall.

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