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Once upon a time, in a forest far away, there lived a lonely elephant. This elephant desperately wanted to make friends with the other animals in the forest. However, it seemed like nobody wanted to be friends with the elephant. The monkey said no because the elephant couldn’t swing in the trees like it could. The rabbit turned the elephant away because it was too big to fit in the burrow. Even the frog refused to be friends because the elephant couldn’t jump like it could. It was a sad and lonely time for the poor elephant.

But one day, everything changed. The next day, all the animals in the forest were running away in fear. Something terrible was happening! The elephant saw a bear and stopped it to ask what was going on. The bear explained that a fierce tiger was attacking all the animals in the forest. The elephant knew it had to do something to help.

With a brave heart, the elephant approached the tiger and kindly asked it to stop hurting the other animals. But the tiger, being mean and stubborn, told the elephant to stay out of the way. The elephant, not willing to let its friends get hurt, decided to take matters into its own hands. Without hesitation, the elephant kicked the tiger and scared it away. The other animals watched in awe as the elephant stood up for them. They realized that the elephant’s size and strength made it the perfect friend to have.

From that day forward, the lonely elephant was no longer lonely. The other animals in the forest saw the elephant’s bravery and kindness. They realized that friendship isn’t about swinging in trees, fitting in burrows, or jumping high. It’s about being there for each other, protecting one another, and accepting each other for who we are.

So, the elephant and the other animals became the best of friends. They played together, explored the forest together, and looked out for one another. The lonely elephant had finally found true friendship.

Moral: Friends can be any shape or size.

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