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Once upon a time there was a rich merchant in a town. One day he was returning home through a deep forest. He had a large sum of money in his bag. Suddenly the rain started heavily with thunderstorms and lightning. He took shelter under a tree but got wet completely. The money which he was carrying also got wet badly. He was very sad and cursed the rain. He started walking but saw a robber with gun in front of him. The merchant started running towards the bushes. The robber pointed his gun to the merchant and shoot. Unfortunately, the gun did not work as it’s gunpowder was wet because of the rain. The merchant saved himself from the robber easily. He thanked God for the rain in saving his life.

Moral: Whatever happens, happens alright./ There lies some goodness in every act of God.

Alternative title-A Merchant in a Forest/
A Merchant and Rain

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