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an English soldier became a prisoner in France - returned home after the war - bought cages full of birds - set them free- the bird seller was surprised.

The English Sailor and the Caged Birds

Once in a war with France, an English soldier became a prisoner. He was confined in prison for several years. When the war came to an end and he was set free. He returned to his homeland, England and felt very happy. One day when he visited a bird-seller’s shop in a market, the sight of the caged birds at once reminded him of his own sufferings in the prison. He bought all the cages full of birds. He opened all the cages and set all the birds free one by one. The bird seller could not conceal his curiosity. He asked the soldier, “Why have you spent so much money for nothing? Why have you released all the birds?” Heaving a deep sigh the soldier replied, “I was a prisoner of war. I know the pangs of captivity.”

Moral: A prisoner can feel the agony of captivity. / Freedom is more valuable than anything else.

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