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Once upon a time, in a small village, there resided a skilled tailor who ran a successful tailoring business in the local market. The tailor had a close friend who happened to be a clever magician, known for his impressive tricks. This magician would travel from village to village, captivating audiences and earning a substantial income. His pride in his abilities was evident.

One fateful day, the tailor and the magician met and engaged in a conversation about various topics. The tailor, burdened by his poverty, expressed his concerns, saying, “I am solely reliant on my tailoring trade. If it were to fail, I would be left destitute.” The magician, feeling sympathy for his friend, responded, “I understand your predicament. Fortunately, I possess a hundred tricks that can always come to my aid, ensuring a steady income.” The tailor, envious of the magician’s luck, replied, “You are indeed fortunate.” The magician, in a sincere tone, assured the tailor, “Do not hesitate to seek my assistance whenever you find yourself in difficulty.”

As time passed, a devastating famine struck the entire country, causing immense suffering among the population. People could no longer afford to spend money on the entertainment provided by magicians, including the clever magician with his vast array of tricks. The tailor, however, managed to sustain his livelihood as clothing remained a necessity even in such dire circumstances. Unfortunately, the magician’s hundred tricks failed to attract any customers, as people were forced to cut down on unnecessary expenses.

In a state of extreme desperation, the once proud magician humbled himself and approached the poor tailor for help. He pleaded, “My dear friend, I am on the verge of starvation. Please provide me with something to eat. Hunger has humbled my pride.”

Moral: Honest profession is more precious than a hundred tricks.

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