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Once upon a time, an old farmer had four sons who showed no interest in working or earning for their future. The farmer did not know how to make them busy. Concerned about their well-being after he died, the farmer devised a plan to teach them a valuable lesson. On his deathbed, he told his sons about a hidden treasure on their farmland, but emphasized that only the worthiest one could find it. Intrigued, the sons began digging the entire farm at once but found no trace of the treasure. They said to themselves, ” Why should we leave the field all dug up? Let’s plant corn seeds instead.” They planted the field with corn and soon grew healthy crops, which they sold at the market for a significant profit. Realizing their hard work and dedication had created the true treasure, the brothers learned the importance of working hard for their future and overcame their laziness. They understood the meaning of the hidden treasure as told by their father.

Moral: Hard work always pays off. / No pain, no gain./ Honest labour is really the hidden treasure.

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