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In a meadow by the river, a grasshopper and an ant lived side by side. During summer, while the diligent ants worked tirelessly, collecting food grains from the farmer’s field, the grasshopper idled away his days.

The grasshopper observed the ants’ ceaseless labour, carrying food grains back to their larder with precision. He invited them to join his carefree merrymaking, but they declined and focused on their task. The grasshopper scoffed at their industry, convinced there was plenty of food for the summer.

An ant wisely cautioned the grasshopper to prepare for winter, but he dismissed the advice, confident he could find food when needed.

Winter arrived abruptly, blanketing everything in snow and freezing the landscape. The once-jubilant grasshopper now struggled for survival, unable to find food or shelter. He remembered the ants’ diligent summer efforts.

Desperate, he approached the ant colony, humbled and hungry. The ant, understanding his plight, shared some of her stored food. The grasshopper, now grateful and wiser, realized the importance of hard work and preparation for lean times.

The story teaches us the valuable lesson of diligence and foresight, reminding us that planning for the future is essential to weather life’s inevitable challenges.

Moral: Make use of opportunity while you have it.

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