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Once upon a time, there were four friends who absolutely hated studying. They thought it was boring and would rather do anything else. So, instead of preparing for their exams, they decided to have a wild party all night long!

The next day, when they realized they were in big trouble, they came up with a plan. They thought, “What if we could convince the Dean to give us a second chance?” So, they went to the Dean’s office and told a little white lie. They said that they had gone to a wedding the night before and on their way back, their car had a flat tire. They had to push the car all the way back home!

Surprisingly, the Dean agreed to give them another chance at the exam. But there was a catch. They had to study really hard this time. No more partying or slacking off. They had to prove that they were serious about their education.

Finally, the day of the exam arrived. The four friends were nervous but determined. They were made to sit in separate classrooms to prevent any cheating. When they received their test papers, they were shocked to see that there were only two questions!

The first question was easy. They had to write down their names. The second question was a bit trickier. They had to remember which tire of the car had burst. Was it the front left, front right, rear left, or rear right tire? They had to choose the correct option.

Moral: You may be smart, but there are smarter people than you.

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