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Once upon a time, there was a really stingy guy who loved to hoard his gold. He had a big garden where he would bury his precious coins under the stones. This miser never spent any of his gold and would always count his coins before going to bed every night. He was so obsessed with his treasure!

One fateful day, a sneaky thief happened to see the miser counting his coins. The thief couldn’t resist the temptation and decided to steal all the gold while the miser was fast asleep. The next morning, the miser woke up and was shocked to find that all his gold was gone! He started crying and wailing, feeling utterly devastated.

Hearing the miser’s cries, his neighbors rushed to his house to see what had happened. They were concerned and wanted to help. They asked the miser why he didn’t keep his gold inside his house where it would be safer and easier to access. The miser, with tears streaming down his face, confessed that he never planned on spending his gold. He just wanted to keep it hidden and safe.

The neighbors were puzzled by the miser’s strange behavior and suggested that he might as well save his stones since the gold was just sitting there, untouched and unused.

Moral: A possession is important only if you use it.

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