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The Fox and the Stork were friends, but they had different personalities. The Fox, though selfish, decided to invite the Stork for dinner one day, perhaps as a gesture of goodwill. The Stork was genuinely delighted to be invited and arrived promptly at the Fox’s house.

As they sat down at the table, the Fox served a delicious-looking soup in shallow bowls. While the Fox lapped up his soup effortlessly with his tongue, the Stork struggled to get even a sip due to her long beak. She politely tried to eat but couldn’t manage.

The Stork, being a wise and understanding bird, didn’t show her frustration. Instead, she invited the Fox over for dinner the next day, wanting to teach him a lesson in empathy.

When the Fox arrived at the Stork’s house, he was served soup again, but this time in two narrow vases. The Fox, with his snout, couldn’t get a drop of soup out of the vases, no matter how hard he tried. He left the Stork’s house with a growling stomach and learnt a valuable.

The Fox realized that being considerate of others and understanding their needs was important in maintaining meaningful friendships. From that day on, the Fox and the Stork not only enjoyed each other’s company but also made sure to serve meals that were suitable for both of them. Their friendship grew stronger, built on empathy and understanding.

Moral: Don’t be selfish because it will come back to you at some point.

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