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Once upon a time, there was an old stork who was having trouble catching fish. He was getting hungrier and hungrier, so he came up with a plan. He went to the fish in the tank and told them a story. He said that the farmers were going to empty out the tank and use it to grow crops. The fish were worried about losing their home, so they listened carefully to what the stork had to say.

The stork offered to help the distressed fish by taking them to a bigger tank that was far away. The fish were excited and agreed to go with the stork. They thought they were going to a better place where they could live happily. Little did they know, the stork had a different plan in mind.

In the same tank, there was a clever crab who also wanted to be saved. He saw the stork talking to the fish and became suspicious. The crab thought that maybe the stork was up to no good. He decided to take a risk and ask the stork if he could come along too.

The stork, thinking that the crab would be a tasty addition to his meal, agreed to take him. But as they reached a rock, the crab noticed something horrifying. There were fish bones scattered all over the rock! The stork had been tricking the fishes and killing them all along.

He quickly dug his sharp claws into the stork’s neck, killing him instantly. After defeating the stork, the crab returned to the old tank and informed the other fishes about the stork’s evil plan. They all lived happily ever after in their safe and peaceful tank.

Moral: A sharp mind is your greatest strength.

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