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English Grammar Solutions (Do as directed)  Set 1

1. Stop the car.( change the voice)
Answer : Let the car be stopped.
2. He said,” We should obey our parents. ” (change the mode of narration)
Answer – He said that we should obey our parents.
3. As soon as she saw the beast,she fled.( use no sooner….than)
Answer- No sooner had she seen the beast than she fled. / No sooner did she see the beast than she fled.
4.Only  students are allowed. (turn into a negative sentence)
Answer : None but students are allowed.
5. Prof Banerjee wrote a nice story.(change the voice)
Answer : A nice story was written by Prof Banerjee.

6. The hermit said to me, “May god bless you.” (change into indirect speech)
Answer : The hermit wished that God might bless me.
7. I was compelled to do this work.(change the voice)
Answer : Someone /they compelled me to do this work.
8. No sooner had I reached the station than the train left.(replace ‘no sooner’ with ‘as soon as’)
Answer: As soon as I reached the station, the train left.
9. Everybody has heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore.( change into interrogative sentence)
Answer : Who has not heard the name of Rabindranath Tagore?
10. Mahatma Gandhi was one of the greatest freedom fighters. (change into comparative degree)
Answer :  Mahatma Gandhi was better than many other freedom fighters.
11. He cannot but do it. (rewrite the sentence omitting ‘but’)
Answer : He cannot help doing it.
12. We should not show cruelty to animals. (rewrite using the adjective form of the underlined word)
Answer : We should not be cruel to animals.
13. The girl had painted a picture. (change the voice)
Answer : A picture had been painted by the girl.
14. The girl said,”I live here.” (change the mode of narration)
Answer : The girl said that she lived there.
15. She is a happy woman.(change into a complex sentence)
Answer : She is a woman who is happy.
16. Kaushik blamed his friend for the trouble. (rewrite using the noun form of blamed) 
Answer : Kaushik put the blame on his friend for the trouble.
17. I know the answer. (change the voice)
Answer : The answer is known to me.
18. Rahul asked Deepa, “Will you go to school today?”(change the narration)
Answer : Rahul asked Deepa if she would go to school that day.
19. The local administration invited eleven leaders for talks.(change the voice)
Answer: Eleven leaders were invited for talks by the local administration.
20. The tennis player said,” I am feeling really confident in my game.”(change the mode of narration)
Answer :  The tennis player said that she was feeling really confident in her game.

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