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Grammar Solutions (Do as Directed)  Set 2
1. As soon as the teacher entered the class, the students stood up.(make it a negative sentence)
Answer : No sooner had the teacher entered class than the students stood up.
2. Do you know the password?
Answer : Is the password known to you?

3. The monk said,” Do not look down the poor.”(change the mode of narration)
Answer : The monk advised people not to look down the poor.
4. Iron is one of the most useful metals.(change into positive degree)
Answer :  Very few metals are as useful as iron.
5. Ramu has some money. He can buy books. (join using an infinitive)
Answer : Ramu has some money to buy books.
6. Unfortunately, the patient succumbed to his injuries. (make it a complex sentence)
Answer : It was unfortunate that the patient succumbed to his injuries.
7. As soon as the thief saw the old man watching him, he ran away. (rewrite using ‘no sooner…. than’)
Answer : No sooner had the thief seen the old man watching him than he ran away.
8. Why has this been done by you? (change the voice)
Answer : Why have you done this?

9. Alexander who was the king of Macedonia invaded India. (convert into a simple sentence)
Answer : Alexander, the king of Macedonia invaded India.

10. “Come in”, Mehrab said to Khaleda.( Change the narration)
Answe: Mehrab ordered Khaleda to come in.

11. He put the letter in an envelope. (change the voice)
Answer : The letter was put in an envelope by him.

12. The headmaster has resigned. Everyone respects him. (join using relative clause)
Answer : Everyone respects the headmaster who has resigned.

13. Swami said to his father,” Have you written anything about our teacher,Samuel?”(change the narration)
Answer : Swami asked his father if he had written anything about their teacher, Samuel.

14. The trainer said, “Why is everybody late today?” (change the narration)
Answer : The trainer asked why everybody was late that day.

15. The  teacher delivered a lecture to a group of students. (change the voice)
Answer : A lecture was delivered to a group of students by the teacher.

16. Titli runs faster than any other girl in her class. (rewrite using the positive degree of ‘faster’)
Answer : No other girl in the class runs as fast as Titli.

17. Ajoy said,”Can you come tomorrow? “(change the narration)
Answer : Ajoy asked if I could go the next day.

18. I organised a blood donation camp with everybody’s help.(change the voice)
Answer : A blood donation camp was organised by me with everybody’s help.

19. Do not read the letter. It is confidential. (Join the sentences)
Answer : Do not read the letter as it is confidential. / Do not read the confidential letter.

20. You do not take care of your health. You may fall ill.(Join using an adverb clause)
Answer : If you do not take care of your health, you may fall ill.

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