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1. Ek Chota” ordered Sir Mohan.

Answer: Sir Mohan ordered to give him Ek Chota.

2. “Where does the zenana stop?” Lady Lal asked.

Answer: Lady Lal asked where the Zenana stopped.

3. “Are the trains very crowded on these lines ?” Lady Lal asked.

Answer: Lady Lal wanted to know where the trains were very crowded on these lines.

4. “Are the trains very crowded on the lines?” asked lady Lal.

Answer: Lady Lal asked whether the trains were very crowded on those lines.

5. “Are you travelling alone, sister ?” the coolie said to Lady Lal.

Answer: Addressing Lady Lal as sister, the coolie asked if she was travelling alone.

6. “These days all trains are crowded, but you’ll find room in the Zenana” said the coolie.

Answer: The coolie said that those days all trains were crowded, but she would find room in the Zenana.

7. “Get the nigger out,” he muttered to his companion.

Answer: He muttered to his companion to get the nigger out.

8. “You are a bit of all right, old chap,” it said.

Answer: It told the old chap that he was a bit of all right.

9. “Reserved!” yelled Bill.

Answer: Bill yelled that the coach was reserved.

10. “Keep yer ruddy mouth shut !” Jim said to Sir Mohan.

Answer: Jim commanded Sir Mohan to keep his ruddy mouth shut.

11. Sir Mohan Lal murmured to the mirror,” you are so very much like everything else in this country, ineffcient, dirty, indifferent.”

Answer: Sir Mohan Lal murmured to the mirror that it was so very much like everything else in that country, ineffcient, dirty, idifferent.

12. “Preposterous, preposterous,” he shouted, hoarse with anger.

Answer: He shouted, hoarse with anger, that it was preposterous.

13. He said, “I’ll have you arrested.”

Answer: He said that he would have them arrested.

14. Lachmi said to the coolie, “I can’t understand English and don’t know their ways.”

Answer: Lachmi told the coolie that she could not understand English and did not know their ways.

15. “He rarely spoke Hindusthani”, she said.

Answer: She said that he had spoken Hindusthani rarely.

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