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1. She looked at Sidda.

Answer: Sidda was looked at by her.

2. I will show you something nice.

Answer: Something nice will be shown to you.

3. Come in.

Answer: You are requested to come in.

4. Don’t send him away.

Answer: Let him not be sent away.

5. Sir, do you want a servant?

Answer: Sir, is a servant wanted by you?

6. I will tell the inspector tomorrow.

Answer: The inspector will be told tomorrow  by me.

7. I have not taken it.

Answer: It has not been taken by me.

8. She knew two or three letters of the alphabet.

Answer: Two or three letters of the alphabet were known to her.

9. Tell me a story, Mother.

Answer: Let a story be told to me, Mother.

10. Police and constable brought Sidda in.

Answer: Sidda was brought in by the police and constable.

11. Sidda knows the moon.

Answer: The moon is known to Sidda.

12. Have you done it?

Answer: Has it been done by you?

13. She held a class for him.

Answer: A class was held for him by her.

14. He told Leela incomparable stories.

Answer: Incomparable stories were told to Leela by him.

15. She flung the ball at him.

Answer: The ball was flung at him by her.

16. Her mother gave her a slap.

Answer: A slap was given to her by her mother.

17. Sidda was given two meals a day and four rupees a month.

Answer: They gave Sidda two meals a day and four rupees a month.

18. You are always abusing and worrying Sidda.

Answer: Sidda is always being abused and worried by you.

19. We couldn’t have kept a criminal like him.

Answer: A criminal like him couldn’t have been kept by us.

20. The police know his haunts.

Answer: His haunts are known to the police.

21. Leela’s mother picked up the chain.

Answer: The chain was picked up by Leela’s mother.

22. He called his wife.

Answer: His wife was called by him.

23. Don’t send him away.

Answer: Let him not be sent away.

24. Now, throw the ball into the sky.

Answer: Now, let the ball be thrown into the sky.

25. Leela gave a cry of joy.

Answer: A cry of joy was given by Leela.

26. His company made her supremely happy.

Answer : She was made supremely happy by his

27. Now this has touched the moon.

Answer : Now the moon has been touched by this.

28. Leela keenly examined the ball for traces of the

Answer: The ball was keenly examined by Leela for
traces of the moon.

29. He covered the ball tightly with his fingers.

Answer: The ball was covered tightly by him with his

30. He allowed her to peep through a little gap.

Answer: She was allowed by her to peep through a little gap.

31. Can we touch the sky ?

Answer: Can the sky be touched by us ?

32.  I will show you something nice.

Answer: You will be shown something nice by me.

33. He took her to the backyard.

Answer: She was taken to the backyard by him.

34. I have asked it to follow us about.

Answer: It has been asked by me to follow us about.

35. She could draw a kind of cat or crow.

Answer : A kind of cat or crow could be drawn by her.

36. The thought of Sidda made her panicky.

Answer: She was made panicky by the thought of

37. Leela made a noise of deprecation.

Answer: A noise of deprecation was made by Leela.

38. They will pick him up very soon.

Ans: He will be picked up by them very soon.

39. He hasn’t taken the chain.

Answer: The chain hasn’t been taken by him.

40. Mr. Sivasanker carried Leela back into the

Answer : Leela was carried back into the house by Mr.

41. She washed off coating of tamarind on it.

Answer: The coating of tamarind on it was washed off
by her.

42. Did you put itin ?

Answer: Was it put in by you ?

43. She must have dropped it into the pot sometime.

Answer: It must have been dropped into the pot sometime by her.

44. Mr Sivasankar subjected him to a scrutiny.

Answer:  He was subjected to a scrutiny by Mr Sivasankar.

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