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1. Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching uppers.

Ans. Uppers were being assiduously stitched by Jimmy Valentine.

2. There the warden handed Jimmy his pardon.

Ans. There Jimmy was handed his pardon by the warden.

3. Jimmy took it in a tired kind of way.

Ans. It was taken in a tired kind of way by Jimmy.

4. He had served nearly ten months of a four-year sentence.

Ans. Ten months of a four-year sentence had been served by him.

5. Stop cracking safes.

Ans. Let cracking safes be stopped.

6. I never cracked a safe in my life.

Ans. A safe was never cracked in my life by me.

7. Take him back.

Ans. Let him be taken back.

8. Unlock him at seven in the morning.

Ans. Let him be unlocked in the morning.

9. The clerk handed him a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill.

Ans. He was handed a railroad ticket and the five-dollar bill by the clerk.

10. The warden gave him a cigar.

Ans. He was given a cigar by the warden.

11. He tossed a quarter into the hat of a blind man sitting by the door.

Ans. A quarter was tossed by him into the hat of a blind man sitting by the door.

12. We couldn’t make it sooner.

Ans. It could not be made sooner by us.

13. He’s resumed business.

Ans. The business has been resumed by him.

14. He’s got the only clamps that can do it.

Ans. The only clamps that can do it have been got by him.

15. Ben Price knew Jimmy’s habits.

Ans. Jimmy’s habits were known to Ben Price.

16. He had learned them while working on the Springfield case.

Ans. They had been learnt by him while working on the Springfield case.

17. A young lady crossed the street.

Ans. The street was crossed by a young lady.

18. Somebody wildly suggested dynamite.

Ans. Dynamite was suggested wildly by someone.

19. Jimmy collared a boy loafing on the steps of the bank.

Ans. A boy loafing on the steps of the bank was collared by Jimmy.

20. Agatha’s mother beat the door of the vault with her hands.

Ans. The door of the vault was beaten with her hands by Agatha’s mother.

21. Her pa owns this bank.

Ans. This bank is owned by her pa.

23. He had thought of the shoe business.

Ans. The shoe business was thought of by him.

24. The clerk was impressed by the clothes and manner of Jimmy.

Ans. The clothes and manner of Jimmy impressed the clerk.

25. He now perceived his shortcomings.

Ans. His shortcomings were now perceived by him.

26. He cordially gave information.

Ans. Information was cordially given by him.

27. The dry-goods and general stores handled them.

Ans. They were handled by the dry-goods and general stores.

28. He would find it a pleasant town to live in.

Ans. It would be found a pleasant town to live in by him.

29. He would carry up his suitcase.

Ans. His suitcase would be carried up by him.

30. He opened a shoe-store and secured a good run of trade.

Ans. A shoe-store was opened and a good run of trade was secured by him.

31. And he accomplished the wish of his heart.

Ans. And the wish of his heart was accomplished by him.

32. She believes in me.

Ans. I am believed in by her.

33. And I wouldn’t do another crooked thing for the whole world.

Ans. And another crooked thing for the whole world would not be done by me.

34. I’ll bring along the tools with me.

Ans. The tools will be brought along with me.

35. Jimmy wrote this letter.

Ans. This letter was written by Jimmy.

36. Well, I don’t know.

Ans. Well, it is not known to me.

37. The next morning Jimmy took breakfast at the Adamses.

Ans. The next morning breakfast was taken by Jimmy at the Adamses.

38. Jimmy set his suitcase down.

Ans. His suitcase was set down by Jimmy.

39. The Elmore Bank had just put in a new safe and vault.

Ans. A new safe and vault had just been put in by the Elmore Bank.

40. May had shut Agatha in the vault.

Ans. Agatha had been shut in the vault by May.

41. She had then shot the bolts and turned the knob.

Ans. The bolts then had been shot and the knob was turned by her.

42. The door can’t be opened.

Ans. No one can open the door.

43. The clock has not been wound nor the combination set.

Ans. No one has wound the clock nor set the combination.

44. They could just hear the faint sound of the child.

Ans. The faint sound of the child could just be heard by them.

45. Open the door.

Ans. Let the door be opened.

46. Oh, break it open.

Ans. Oh, let it be broken foropening.

47. Can’t you men do something?

Ans. Can’t something be done by you men?

48. Spencer, what shall we do?

Ans. Spencer, what will be done by us?

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