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1. Sir Mohan threw out his chest.

Answer: His chest was thrown out by Sir Mohan.

2. Sir Mohan smoothed his Balliol tie.

Answer: The Balliol tie was smoothed by Sir Mohan.

3. She wore a dirty white sari with a red border.

Answer: A dirty white sari with a red border was worn by her.

4. She hailed a passing railway coolie.

Answer: A passing railway coolie was hailed by her.

5. The coolie flattened his turban to make a cushion.

Answer: His turban was flattened by the coolie to make a cushion.

6. The coolie hoisted the steel trunk on his head.

Answer: The steel trunk was hoisted on his head by the coolie.

7. Lady Lal picked up her brass tiffin carrier.

Answer: The brass tiffin carrier was picked up by Lady Lal.

8. You’ll find room in the zenana.

Answer: Room will be found in the zenana by you.

9. Then I might as well get over the bother of eating.

Answer: Then the bother of eating might as well be gotten over by me.

10. Lady Lal opened the brass carrier and took out a bundle of cramped chapattis.

Answer: The brass carrier was opened by Lady Lal, and a bundle of cramped chapattis was taken out by her.

11. I can’t understand English and don’t know their ways.

Answer: English can’t be understood by me, and their ways are not known to me.

12. He did not like her poor illiterate relatives.

Answer: Her poor illiterate relatives were not liked by him.

13. The clanging of the bell announced the approaching train.

Answer: The approaching train was announced by the clanging of the bell.

14. She found a seat by the window.

Answer: A seat by the window was found by her.

15. She produced a two-anna bit from a knot in her sari and dismissed the coolie.

Answer: A two-anna bit was produced from a knot in her sari by her, and the coolie was dismissed.

16. She then opened her betel case.

Answer: Her betel case was then opened by her.

17. These she thrust into her mouth.

Answer: Into her mouth, these were thrust by her.

18. The arrival of the train did not disturb Sir Mohan Lal’s sang-froid.

Answer: Sir Mohan Lal’s sang-froid was not disturbed by the arrival of the train.

19. He wanted everything ‘tickety-boo’ and orderly.

Answer: Everything ‘tickety-boo’ and orderly was wanted by him.

20. In his five years abroad, Sir Mohan had acquired the manners and attitudes of the upper classes.

Answer: In his five years abroad, the manners and attitudes of the upper classes had been acquired by Sir Mohan.

21. He rarely spoke Hindustani.

Answer: Hindustani was rarely spoken by him.

22. I’ve finished with it.

Answer: It has been finished with by me.

23. Perhaps someone would recognize his Balliol tie.

Answer: Perhaps the Balliol tie would be recognized by someone.

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