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Get the Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship for Your Studies

What is the Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship?

The Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship is a scholarship that helps students who are struggling financially to continue their studies. It is awarded to students who are doing well in school and need financial assistance to keep going. The scholarship is given by the Buddy 4 Study India Foundation.

Who is Eligible for the Scholarship?

Students in grades 9-12 are eligible for the Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship. To apply, you need to go to the official website of Buddy4Study and fill out the application form online.

What are the Benefits of the Scholarship?

If you are selected for the Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship, you will receive Rs. 12,000 to help you pay for your studies. You can also renew your scholarship application in the future to continue receiving benefits.

How are Students Selected?

Students are selected based on their exam scores and family income. The names of the selected students will be uploaded to the official website, and they will be called for an interview.

What if My Institute is Not Listed?

If your institute is not listed on the application form, you should contact the District Welfare Officer (DWO) of the district where your institute is located. If your institute is eligible, it will be added to the database, and you can apply.

Do I Need an Aadhaar Card?

No, an Aadhaar card is not mandatory to apply for the Kind Circle Meritorious Scholarship. You can apply without one.

Do I Need to Upload My Certificates?

Yes, you need to upload scanned copies of your certificates, such as your caste certificate, income certificate, high school certificate, and handicap certificate (if applicable).

Can I Apply Offline?

Yes, you can download the application form from the scholarship portal and fill it out offline. You will need to submit the filled-out application and all required documents to your institute, which will forward it to the District Welfare Officer (DWO) of your district.

What Information Cannot be Edited?

Your Aadhaar and enrollment ID cannot be edited at any stage, so make sure to fill them out carefully.

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