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Football is my favourite game and it’s a sport that is loved by millions of people around the world. It is an outdoor games played between two teams. Each team consists of 11 players along with the goalkeeper. Every afternoon I play football with my friends after returning from school. FIFA World Cup is the most popular football tournament. It is held in every four years. It is a game that requires a combination of physical and mental abilities, as well as teamwork and strategy.  The excitement of scoring a goal, the thrill of making a game-winning tackle, and the rush of a well-placed pass are just a few of the reasons why I love  football so much. Whether it is playing in a local park with friends or watching a professional match, the passion for football is unmatched. The deafening roar of the crowd as the players step onto the field is a thrill that cannot be replicated in any other sport. To sum up, football is my favourite game as it is most exciting and brings joy to millions of people all over the world.

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