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Durga Puja is one of the most important festivals of Bengal as well as in many parts of Southeast Asia. It is one of the largest and most significant festivals in Hinduism and is observed for ten days during the Hindu month of Ashvin (September/October).

The festival is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Durga, who is considered the embodiment of strength and power. She is worshipped as the conqueror of evil forces and is believed to bring peace and prosperity to her devotees.

During the festival, beautiful idols of the goddess are installed in pandals and worshipped by the devotees.
Devotees offer prayers, flowers, and food to the goddess, seeking her blessings and protection.
Pandals are decorated beautifully with colourful tiny lights, artistically designed structures and flowers. People wear new clothes and enjoy pandal hopping.
The festival is also marked by cultural events such as music, dance, and theatrical performances.

One of the most important aspects of Durga Puja is the community involvement in its celebration.People from different backgrounds and cultures come together, regardless of their religion or caste, and celebrate their shared cultural heritage. In conclusion, Durga Puja is a vibrant festival that celebrates the power of the divine feminine and brings people together in a spirit of unity and celebration.

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