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Write a paragraph on A Village Fair using the following points.

The place of the fair-The occasion of the fair-Fair-going people-Stall for selling various articles-Special attraction of the fair-Breaks monotony-Adds joy.

A fair is held every year at Nandanpur on account of Rathjatra. I visited the fair this year with my friends. I saw a stream of people on the road to the fair. When I reached the fair, I saw a sea of human heads moving to and fro on the fair-ground. The fair showcased the crafts, food, music, and dance of the village, which are unique to that particular region. There were thousands  of stalls for selling various articles, such as toys, dolls, balloons, ribbons, wooden utensils, earthen pots, household goods, baskets etc. The chief objects of attraction were circus, merry go round, and many other joy rides. The fair aslo offered a wide variety of traditional and regional foods that were not available in regular restaurants or supermarkets. The fair- committee arranged lively music, dance performances, and other entertainment activities that created a festive atmosphere. It provided a great opportunity to break the  the dull and monotonous activities and added joy to their life.

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