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Monsoon also known as Rainy season is a time when seasonal wind brings large amounts of rainfall to many parts of the world, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions. The monsoon typically arrives in India in June and lasts until September, bringing with it rains that can provide much needed relief from the heat and dryness of the summer months.

The monsoon is caused by the differences in air pressure between land and sea, which lead to changes in wind patterns. During the hot summer months, the land becomes much warmer than the ocean, leading to an area of low pressure over the land and high pressure over the sea. This causes moist air from the ocean to be drawn inland, bringing with it heavy rainfall and thunderstorms.

The season has both positive and negative impacts in our lives. It is most essential season of the year to farmers. It provides the much needed water for paddy and other local crops. Fruits like litchi, peaches and pomegranates etc relish us. The surrounding becomes more green as flora and fauna thrive. But too much of rain in the monsoon season can also bring numerous hazards like flood, a loss of crops & the livestock and other weather related hazards.

In conclusion, the monsoon is a complex season that has a major impact on the regions it affects. Despite its potential for both good and bad, it remains one of the most important meteorological phenomena for people and ecosystems in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

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