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(1) Poetry of earth is ceasing never. [turn into affirmative]

Ans: Poetry of earth is ceaseless.

(2) Then I made a mistake. [ voice Change ]

Ans: Then a mistake was made by me.

(3) I wished to kill you. [rewrite with the noun of ‘wished’]

Ans: I had a wish to kill you.

(4) I am the most unhappy of men. [make it comparative]

Ans: I am more unhappy than any other man.

(5) “It takes much time to kill a tree.” [make it negative]

Ans: It doesn’t take less time to kill a tree.

(6) My father told me there was nothing mysterious about prayer. [change the narration]

Ans: My father said to me, ” There is nothing mysterious about prayer.”

(7) I told the girl, “Are you going all the way to Dehra ” ? (Change the narration)

Ans: I asked the girl whether she was going all the way to Dehra.

(8) It was about eleven o’ clock at night and she was walking alone. (Make it simple)

Ans: She was walking alone at about eleven o’ clock at night.

(9) But this alone won’t do it (Make it affirmative)

Ans: Besides this something is needed to do it.

(10) From the mountain top stream the sun’s/Rays ; they fill the hollow fill of light. (Join into complex)

Ans: From the mountain top stream the sun’s/rays which they fill the hollow fill of light.

(11) You will remember that my Oxen meados touch your birchwoods. (Make it negative)

Ans: You will not forget that my Oxen meadows touch your birchwoods.

(12) His answer filled me with strange energy and enthusiasm. (Change the voice)

Ans: I was filled with strange energy and enthusiasm by his answer.

(13) If unchecked they will expand again. [rewrite as negative]

Ans: If they are not checked, they will expand again.

(14) Few girls can resist flattery. [ Change voice]

Ans: Flattery can be resisted by few girls.

(15) This alone won’t do it. [Make it affirmative]

Ans: Besides this something is needed to do it.

(16) Seeing the Tsar, he greeted him. [Make it complex]

Ans: When he saw the Tsar, he greeted him.

(17) “If I turn you loose, will you run?” asked the woman. [Change the narration]

Ans: The woman asked if he would run if she turned him loose.

(18) All the birds are faint with the hot sun and hide in cooling trees. (Split into simple sentences)

Ans:  All the birds are faint with the hot sun. They hide in cooling trees.

(19) You alone can help me. (Make it negative)

Ans: None but you can help me.

(20) The couple who saw her off were probably her parents. (Make it simple)

Ans: The couple probably her parents saw her off.

(21) Our locality was predominantly Muslim but there were quite a lot of Hindu families too. (Make it complex)

Ans: Our locality which was predominantly Muslim had quite a lot of Hindu families.

(22) She heated some tuna beans and ham she had in the icebox (Change the voice)

Ans: Some tuna beans and ham she had in the icebox were heated by her.

(23) There is only one time that is most important. (Change to comparative degree)

Ans: There is only time that is more important than any other time.

(24) His smile is like an infant’s. (Rewrite with adjective of infant )

Ans: His smile is infantile./ He has an infantile smile.

(25) The woman did not ask the boy anything that would embarass him. [Turn into a simple sentence]

Ans: The woman did not ask anything embarassing to the boy.

(26) And he never saw her again. [Change voice]

Ans: And she was never seen again by him.

(27) This is not a correct approach at all. [Change into an affirmative sentence]

Ans: This is an incorrect approach at all.

(28) My mother’s lineage was the more distinguished than that of my father’s. [Turn into positive degree]

Ans: My father’s lineage was not so distinguished as that of my mother’s.

(29) I love the hills. [Use the underlined word as noun]

Ans: I have love for the hills.

(30) “We’ll soon be at your station,” I said to her. [Change the mode of narration]

Ans: I told her that we would soon be at her station.

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