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About the poet and the text:

James Reeves (1909 -1978) was a British author principally known for his poetry, plays, and contributions to children’s literature. His books include anthologies for both adults and children. He was also well-known as a literary critic and broadcaster.

জেমস রিভস (১৯০৯ -১৯৭৮) একজন ব্রিটিশ লেখক তাঁর কবিতা, নাটক এবং শিশুসাহিত্যে অবদানের জন্য প্রধানত পরিচিত ছিলেন। তাঁর বইয়ে প্রাপ্তবয়স্ক এবং শিশু উভয়ের জন্যই সাহিত্য-সঙ্কলন অন্তর্ভুক্ত রয়েছে। তিনি সাহিত্য সমালোচক এবং সম্প্রচারক হিসাবেও সুপরিচিত ছিলেন।

The Sea (Lesson 6) Bengali Meaning (বঙ্গানুবাদ) | Class 8

The sea is a hungry dog,

সমুদ্র একটি ক্ষুধার্ত কুকুর,

Giant and grey. 

দৈত্য (বিশালাকৃতির) এবং ধূসর।

He rolls on the beach all day. 

সে সারাদিন সৈকতে গড়াগড়ি দেয়।

With his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws 

তার সংঘর্ষিত দাঁত এবং খোঁচা খোঁচা চোয়াল দিয়ে

Hour upon hour he gnaws 

সে ঘন্টার পর ঘন্টা চিবাতে থাকে

The rumbling, tumbling stones, 

গর্জন করতে থাকে, গড়াগড়ি খাওয়া পাথরগুলিকে,

And ‘Bones, bones, bones!’ 

এবং ‘হাড়, হাড়, হাড়!’

The giant sea-dog moans, 

দৈত্যাকার সীল মাছ গোঙাতে থাকে,

Licking his greasy paws. 

তার তেলচিটে থাবাগুলি চাটতে থাকে।

And when the night wind roars 

আর রাতের বাতাস যখন গর্জন করে

And the moon rocks in the stormy cloud, 

এবং চাঁদ ঝোড়ো মেঘে আন্দোলিত হয়,

He bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs, 

সে তাঁর পায়ের উপর লাফিয়ে ওঠে এবং প্রশ্বাস নেয় আর নাক সিঁটকায়,

Shaking his wet sides over the cliffs,

খাড়া পাহাড়ের গায়ে তার ভেজা শরীরের দিকটা ঝাঁকি দিয়ে,

And howls and hollos long and loud. 

এবং গর্জন করে এবং দীর্ঘ ও উচ্চস্বরে চিত্‍কার করে।

But on quiet days in May or June, 

তবে মে বা জুন মাসের শান্ত দিনগুলিতে,

When even the grasses on the dune

এমনকি যখন ঘাসগুলিও বলিয়ারিতে

Play no more their reedy tune, 

তাদের তীক্ষ্ণ বাঁশির সুর বাজায় না,

With his head between his paws 

থাবারগুলির মধ্যে মাথা রেখে

He lies on the sandy shores, 

সে বালুময় তীরে শুয়ে থাকে,

So quiet, so quiet, he scarcely snores. 

এত নিশ্চুপ, এত শান্ত থাকে যে সে কদাচিৎ নাক ডাকে।

The Sea (Lesson 6) Questions – Answers | Class 8

Activity 1

Tick the correct alternative:

(i) The sea is compared to a

(a) lazy cat
(b) active man
(c) hungry dog (√)

(ii) The sea rolls on the beach

(a) all day (√)
(b) all evening
(c) only at night.

(iii) The sea, seen as a dog, has

(a) greasy paws (√)
(b) sharp paws
(c) small paws.

(iv) The sea remains quiet in the

(a) beginning of the year
(b) middle of the year (√)
(c) end of the year.

Activity 2

Complete the following sentences with information from the text:

(a) The sea rolls on the beach with his clashing teeth and shaggy jaws.

(b) At night when the wind roars, the sea bounds to his feet and snuffs and sniffs.

(c) In May or June even the grasses on the dune play no more their reedy tune.

(d) On quiet days the sea, like a dog, lies on the sandy shores with his head between his paws.

Activity 3

Answer the following question:

Why does the sea become quiet at a certain time of the year?

Ans: During the month of May or June, the sea becomes quiet because the weather at that time is pleasant and the sea is not disturbed by any violent storm.

Activity 4

Fill in the following chart with information from the text:

ActionDone by whom
(i) licks his greasy pawsthe sea
(ii) roarsthe night wind
(iii) rocks in the stormy cloudthe moon
(iv) stop their tunethe grasses on the dune

Activity 5

Answer the following questions:

(a) What does the sea look like?

Ans: The sea looks like a giant hungry dog.

(b) Who rocks in the stormy cloud?

Ans: The moon rocks in the stormy cloud.

(c) Where does the sea shake his wet sides like a dog?

Ans: The sea shakes his wet sides over the cliffs like a dog.

(d) How do the grasses on the dune behave in May or June?

Ans: The grasses on the dune stop playing their reedy tune in May or June.

Activity 6(a)

Underline the Infinitives in the following sentences:

(i) To lie is a sin.

(ii) I am sorry to disturb you again.

(iii) He wanted to retire from service.

(iv) To err is human.

Activity 6(b)

Read the following sentences. Identify the Noun phrases, Adjective phrases,  and Adverb phrases and fill in the chart given below:

(i) Food and shelter, she has none.

(ii) Her voice is pleasing to the ear.

(iii) Mrinal is a jewel of a boy.

(iv) Feel yourself at home.


Noun PhrasesAdjective Phrases Adverb Phrases
Food and shelterpleasing to the earat home
a jewel of a boy

Activity 6(c)

Read the following sentences. Identify the Main or Principal clause and the Dependent clause and fill in the chart given below:

(i) I know a man who is a doctor.

(ii) Tell me who opened the door.

(iii) She is the girl who always takes care of her friends.

(iv) We shall stay at home if it rains.


Main ClauseDependent Clause
I know a manwho is a doctor
Tell me who opened the door
She is the girlwho always takes care of her friends.
We shall stay at homeif it rains

Activity 7

Make meaningful sentences of your own with the following words:

(a) giant 👉 There is a giant building in our locality.

(b) moans 👉 Man moans when someone closer to him dies.

(c) dune 👉 There are many sand dunes in Thar desert.

(d) quiet 👉 Today the weather is calm and quiet.

Activity 8 (a)

Write a story in about eight words using the following hints:

king, proud of his power-tells he can control everything on earth-takes his courtiers to the sea shore-orders the waves to move back-the waves lash at the feet of the king-the king moves back in fear

Answer: The King and The Sea 👈 Click here

Activity 8 (b)

Write a letter in about eighty words to your younger brother advising him to be kind to animals:

Maharaj Nagar,

Dear Mani,

I hope you are doing well. How are your studies going on? Today I want to share something interesting that happened with me last time.

Last week, I came across a stray dog. He was looking at me when I was taking tea in a local tea-shop. I felt pity for the dog and gave it few biscuits to eat. After sometime, the dog came to our home with me. It is very friendly and obedient. I want to advise you that never ever mistreat any animals. I know you are a sensitive boy and you will listen to me.

I will be back soon.

Yours lovingly

Mani Ranta Sen
D-15, Salt Lake
Sector – 5
PIN- 700001

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