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• Two important characters in the story- Mrs. Luella Bates and Roger
• Full name of Mrs. Luella Bates is Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.
• She worked in hotel beauty shop.
• She was a large woman.
• She was walking alone at 11 O’ clock at night.
• She was carrying a large purse.
• The purse had a long strap.
• The purse had everything in it except hammer and nails.
• A boy named Roger wanted to snatch her purse.
• The boy lost balance because of the combined weight of him and the purse.
• The boy fell on his back on the sidewalk.
• The woman, Mrs. Luella Bates kicked him right square in his blue- jeaned sitter.
• Two or three people noticed this incident.
• The boy’s face was dirty.
• The woman dragged the boy behind her.
• The boy was fourteen or fifteen.
• The boy looked frail and willow -wild, in tennis shoes and blue jeans.
• She said if he were her son, she would teach her right from wrong.
• Sweat popped out on the boy’s face when he tried to free himself.
• Mrs. Luella Bates put a half-nelson about his neck.
• She first took him to a hall.
• She asked the boy to let the water run until it gets warm.
• The boy, Roger said he wanted to snatch her purse to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.
• In the corner of the room behind a screen there was a gas plate and an icebox.
• He asked her if she needed someone to get some milk or something.
• She heated some lima beans.
• She made cocoa from canned milk.
• The woman didn’t ask the boy about where he lived, or his folks.
• She thought this might embarrass him.
• Blondes, red-heads and Spanish women came in and out to a hotel beauty-shop where she worked.
• The woman gave Roger half of a cake.
• The cost of the cake was ten-cent.
• She gave Roger ten dollars.
• She gave this money to buy some blue suede shoes.
• The boy barely managed to say “Thank you, ma’am” to Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

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