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1. In Thank You Ma’am the woman was –

(A) Weak. 
(B) Large.
(C) Frail. 
(D) Tall.

Ans – (B) Large.

2. In Thank You Ma’am the large woman was carrying –

(A) A large pocketbook.
(B) A small purse. 
(C) A suitcase. 
(D) A large bag.

Ans – (A) A large pocketbook.

3. The incident took place at about –

(A) 7 pm.
(B) 9 pm.
(C) 11 pm.
(D) 11 am.

Ans – (C) 11 pm.

4. The boy tried to snatch the woman’s –

(A) Money. 
(B) Pocketbook.
(C) Bag. 
(D) Shoes.

Ans – (B) Pocketbook.

5. The boy’s face was –

(A) Clean. 
(B) Dirty.
(C) Shiny.
(D) Dark.

Ans – (B) Dirty.

6. The age of the boy was –

(A) 11-12 years. 
(B) 12-13 years. 
(C) 13-14 years. 
(D) 14-15 years.

Ans – (D) 14-15 years.

7. In this story the verb run has been used in a single sentence –

(A) Twice.
(B) Thrice. 
(C) Four times. 
(D) Five times.

Ans – (D) Five times.

8. In the story the boy has been described as a/an –

(A) Frail. 
(B) Strong. 
(C) Large.
(D) Tall.

Ans – (A) Frail. 

9. The boy wore –

(A) Red jeans.
(B) Black jeans. 
(C) Blue jeans.
(D) Faded jeans.

Ans – (C) Blue jeans.

10. The boy wanted to buy –

(A) A pair of blue suade shoes.
(B) A blue jeans. 
(C) A jacket.
(D) None of the above.

Ans – (A) A pair of blue suade shoes.

11. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington gave Roger

a) ten dollars
b) eleven dollars
c) five dollars
d) six dollars

Answer: a) ten dollars

13. The woman shook the boy until his teeth

a) fell
b) ached
c) rattled
d) broke

Answer: c) rattled

14. Roger was afraid that he might be taken to

a) police station
b) jail
c) court
d) school

Answer: b) jail

15. The woman picked the boy up by

a) his collar
b) his shirt sleeve
c) his blue jeans
d) his shirt front

Answer: d) his shirt front

16. The boy lost balance and fell on

a) the road
b) the sidewalk
c) the woman
d) a bridge

Answer: b) the sidewalk

17. The boy tried to snatch the pocketbook because

a) he wanted to buy food
b) he wanted to buy medicine
c) he wanted a pair of shoes
d) he wanted new clothes

Answer: c) he wanted a pair of shoes

18. The woman simply turned around and

a) picked up her purse
b) picked the boy up
c) kicked him
d) shook him until his teeth rattled.

Answer: c) kicked him

19. The large purse that the woman was carrying had

a) a thin strap
b) a thick strap
c) a long strap
d) a short strap

Answer: c) a long strap

20. The women asked Roger to let the water run until it gets

a) hot
b) warm
c) cold
d) chilled

Answer: b) warm

21. The cake that was offered to Roger, cost

a) five cent
b) ten-cent
c) six-cent
d) seven cent

Answer: b) ten-cent

22. The boy lost balance because of

a) his own weight
b) The weight of the purse
c) his own weight and the weight of the purse combined
d) The weight of the woman

Answer: c) his own weight and the weight of the purse combined

23. Mrs. Jones worked at a

a) hotel beauty shop
b) medical store
c) garment shop
d) departmental store

Answer: a) hotel beauty shop

24.In another corner of the room behind the screen was

a) a box of ice
b) a gas plate and an icebox
c) ten-cent cake
d) lima beans and ham

Answer: b) a gas plate and an icebox

25. On entering her home, Mrs. Bates asked Roger to

a) wash his face
b) eat dinner
c) bring groceries
d) run through the open door

Answer: a) wash his face

26. If the boy had been Mrs. Bates’ son she would have taught him

a)left from right
b) right from wrong
c) right from left
d) wrong from right

Answer: b) right from wrong

27. Mrs. Bates said that she was not going to

a) turn the boy to the police
b) let the boy return home
c) turn the boy loose
d) allow the boy to steal

Answer: c) turn the boy loose

28. When Mrs. Bates was returning back from work Roger

a) ran up to her
b) ran to her side
c) ran up behind her
d) ran away from her

Answer: c) ran up behind her

29. After getting to her door, Mrs. Bates first entered

a) kitchenette
b) rear of the house
c) drawing room
d) a hall

Answer: d) a hall

30. The full name of Mrs. Luella Bates was

a) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones
b) Mrs. Washington Jones
c) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington
d) Mrs. Washington Jone

Answer: a) Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones

31. Bending over the sink, the boy, Roger asked Mrs.Jones whether she 

a) was going to take him to jail
b) was going to punish him
c) was going to reward him
d) was going to take care of him

Answer: a) was going to take him to jail

32.The name of the boy mentioned in this story is –

(A) James.
(B) Raman.
(C) Roger.
(D) None of the above.

Ans – (C) Roger.

33. Roger wore –

(A) T-shirt. 
(B) A pair of spectacles. 
(C) Tennis shoes and blue jeans. 
(D) Suede shoes.

Ans – (C) Tennis shoes and blue jeans. 

34. “ Put a half-nelson about his neck “ – Here ‘haIf-nelson’ means –

(A) A negro. 
(B) A medicine. 
(C) Wrestling hold. 
(D) One type of neckless.

Ans – (C) Wrestling hold. 

35. The half-nelson was put around by – 

(A) Mrs. Jones. 
(B) Roger. 
(C) The author. 
(D) A stranger.

Ans – (A) Mrs. Jones. 

36. Mrs. Jones took Roger to – 

(A) The police station. 
(B) Her house. 
(C) A solitary place. 
(D) Her friend’s house.

Ans – (B) Her house. 

37. Mrs. Jones took out some lima beans and ham from – 

(A) Her purse. 
(B) The meat case. 
(C) The icebox. 
(D) The almirah.

Ans – (C) The icebox. 

38. The price of the cake that Mrs. Jones cut at supper was – 

(A) Five cents. 
(B) Ten cents. 
(C) Fifteen cents. 
(D) Twenty cents.

Ans – (B) Ten cents. 

39. Mrs. Jones gave Roger money –

(A) For buying toys. 
(B) For buying books. 
(C) For buying blue suede shoes.
(D) For buying food.

Ans – (C) For buying blue suede shoes.

40.What did the suggest to the boy to look presentable?
(A) to wash his face
(B) to polish
(C) to dress properly
(D) to comb his hair

Ans: (D) to comb his hair.

41. What happened when the boy gave the purse a tug?
(A) the purse was unharmed
(B)  the purse slipped
(C) the purse flew into a car
(D) Its strap broke

Ans: (D) its strap broke.

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