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1. Who is the author of the story ‘Thank you Ma’am?

Answer: Langston Hughes is the author of the story ‘Thank you Ma’am ‘.

2.What is the full name of the author of the story ‘Thank you Ma’am?

Answer: The full name of Langston Hughes is Jameo Mercer Langston Hughes.

3.What is the main theme of this story Thank you Ma’am?

Answer: This story is about the sympathy shown by an older woman.

4. When Mrs. Jones was returning to home?

Answer: Mrs. Jones was returning to home about 11 o’clock at night.

5. Where did Mrs. Jones carry her purse?

Answer: Mrs. Jones carried the purse slung across her shoulder.

6. When and where did Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones meet? 

Ans. Roger and Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones met at 11 o’clock at night on a street.

7. What was Mrs. Jones carrying?

Ans. Mrs. Jones was carrying a large purse.

8. What did the purse contain?

Ans. The purse contained everything in it except hammer and nails.

9. Where did Roger fall on losing his balance?

Ans. Roger fell on the sidewalk losing his balance.

10. What did Mrs. Luella Jones ask the boy to pick up?

Ans. Mrs. Luella Jones asked the boy to pick up her pocketbook.

11.Why did Mrs. Jones call the boy a liar? 

Ans. Mrs. Jones called the boy a liar because the boy told her that he had not aimed to snatch the pocketbook.

12. How was the face of the boy?

Ans. The face of the boy was dirty.

13. “I got a great mind” – What did Mrs. Jones want to do?

Ans. Mrs Jones wanted to wash the dirty face of the boy.

14.What shoes and jeans was Roger wearing?

Ans. Roger was wearing  blue jeans and tennis shoes.

15. According to Mrs. Jones how old was the boy?

Ans.  According to Mrs. Jones, the boy was fourteen and fifteen.

16. How did the boy look?

Ans. The boy looked frailed and willow-wild in tennis shoes and blue jeans.

17. What would Mrs. Jones teach the boy?

Ans. Mrs. Jones would teach the boy right from wrong.

18. What was the full name of Mrs. Jones?

Ans. The full name of Mrs. Jones was Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones.

19.Why did Roger not have his supper? Or. Why was Roger hungry?

Ans. Roger did not have his supper because there was nobody at his house to cook for him.

20. Why did Roger want to snatch the large purse of Mrs. Jones?

Ans. Roger wanted to snatch the large purse of Mrs. Jones  to buy a pair of blue suede shoes.

21. Where was Mrs. Jones sitting in her room?

Ans. Mrs. Jones was sitting on the day-bed in her room.

22. What were there behind the screen in Mrs. Jones’ room?

Ans. There were a gas plate and an icebox behind the screen in Mrs. Jones’ room.

23. Why did Mrs. Jones ask Roger to comb his hair?

Ans. Mrs. Jones asked Roger to comb his hair so that he would look presentable.

24. Why did Roger take care to sit on the far side of the room?

Ans. Roger took care to sit far side of the room so that Mrs. Jones could see him easily.

25. Why did Roger not want to be mistrusted?

Ans. Roger didn’t want to be mistrusted by Mrs. Jones as he believed that she had forgiven him.

26. What did Mrs. Jones give the boy to eat?

Ans. Mrs. Jones gave the boy some lima beans, ham, cocoa and a half of ten-cent cake to eat.

27. Where did Mrs. Jones work?

Ans. Mrs. Jones worked in a hotel beauty-shop.

28. What did Mrs. Jones give the boy before leaving?

Ans. Mrs. Jones gave the boy ten dollars before leaving.

29. Why did Mrs. Jones give the boy ten dollars before parting?

Ans. Mrs. Jones gave the boy ten dollars before parting to buy blue suede shoes.

30. What advice did Mrs. Jones give to Roger at the end of the story?

Ans. At the end of the story, Mrs. Jones advised Roger not to snatch anyone’s pocketbook and to behave himself.

31. What lesson of life did Roger learn at the end of the story from Mrs. Jones? 

Ans. At the end of the story, Roger learnt how to lead an honest life and behave with others from Mrs. Jones.

32.”Then we’ll eat.” – Who are ‘we’?

Ans: Here ‘we’ refers to Mrs. Jones and Roger.

33. What type of customers did Mrs. Jones meet at the hotel beauty shop?

Ans: In the hotel beauty shop Mrs. Jones met all kinds of women coming in and out like blondes, red heads, Spanish customers.

34.How was Mrs. Jones carrying her bag?

Ans: Mrs. Jones was carrying her bag slung across her shoulder.

35. How did Mrs. Jones catch Roger?

Ans; Mrs. Jones caught Roger tightly by shirt front.

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