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Morning star of Reformation – John Wycliff 

Child of Renaissance – Spenser

20th Century Dryden- T.S. Eliot

Mulk Raj Anand of America – Arthur Miller

The poet of terror – Robert Frost

– Spenser

Critic’s critic- Hazlitt

Bard of Avon – William Shakespeare

Sweet swan of Avon – William Shakespeare

Chaucer of Scotland – William Dunbar

The Seneca of America- Emerson

The archangel slightly damaged- Coleridge

Lady of Christ college – Milton

Master of grand style -Milton

Poet of the devil’s party – Milton

The morning star of drama- Marlowe

Young Juvenill- Thomas Nash

Forerunner of humorist  -Thomas Dekker

Master of heroic couplet – Dryden and Pope

Originator of the form of novel- Richardson

Last inheritor of Addison and Steele -Goldsmith

Precursors of romantic movement – Thomas Gray and Francis Thomas

Lake poets- Wordsworth, Coleridge, Southey

Chameleon poets- John Keats

Egotistical sublime -Wordsworth

Representative poet- Tennyson

Father of English drama – Shakespeare

Father of English criticism -Dryden

Father of English novel- Daniel Defoe

Father of stream of consciousness novel-Joyce

Father of English tragedy- Marlowe

Father of English one act play – Johnson

Father of English romanticism – Coleridge and Wordsworth

Father of English grammar – Lindley Murray

Father of English essay – Francis Bacon

Father of English mystery plays- Edgar Alan Poe

Father of epic poetry- Homer

Father of English press- William Caxton

Father of modern theatre- Henrik Ibsen

Father of essay – Montaigne 

Father of socialism – Robert Owen

Father of scientific socialism – Karl Marx

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