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The Eyes Have It MCQ Questions | Class 12 English | HS English MCQ Questions

1. According to Ruskin Bond, the best time for visiting the hills is – 

(A) September
(B) October
(C) November
(D) December

Ans: (B) October

2. The writer of ‘The eyes have it’ is – 

(A) Ruskin Bond
(B) APJ Abdul Kalam
(C) Longston Huges
(D) None of these

Ans: (A) Ruskin Bond

3. The blind girl got in the train at – 

(A) Rohana 
(B) Mussoorie
(C) Dehra
(D) Kanpur 

Ans: (A) Rohana 

4. “Then I made a mistake” The mistake that the narrator made was – 

(A) To ask a wrong question
(B) To behave rudely with the girl 
(C) To let slip the fact that he could not see 
(D) To crack a joke 

Ans: (A) To ask a wrong question

5. The couple with the girl were – 

(A) Her Perents
(B) Grand Parents
(C) Uncle & Aunts
(D) Teacher

Ans: (A) Her parents

6. The narrator was to get down at – 

(A) Dehra 
(B) Rohana 
(C) Mussoorie
(D) Saharanpur 

Ans: (C) Mussoorie

7. In October, hills are covered with – 

(A) Dahlia 
(B) Lotus 
(C) Orchids 
(D) Tulips

Ans: (A) Dahlia

8. The narrator travelled alone in the rain upto – 

(A) Rohana
(B) Mussoorie 
(C) Dehra 
(D) Delhi

Ans: (A) Rohana

9.The narrator first discovered that the girl –

(A) had a sweet voice
(B) could laugh sweetly
(C) had worn slippers
(D) had an interesting face.

Ans: C) had worn slippers.

10.The narrator was prepared to sit there for almost any length of time –

(A) to talk with the girl
(B) to look the beauty of outside
(C) to listen to her talking
(D) to flatter the girl.

Ans: (C) to listen to her talking.

11. According to the girl, Mussoorie is very beautiful specially in the month of –

(A) December
(B) November
(C) September
(D) October.

Ans: (D) October.

12. According to the narrator –

(A) All girls can resist flattery
(B) few girls can resist flattery
(C) no girl likes flattery
(D) all girls like flattery.

Ans: (B) few girls can resist flattery.

13. The narrator made a mistake when –

(A) he asked the girl about her destination
(B) he asked the girl about her age
(C) he asked the girl about her family members
(D) he asked the girl about the sights outside.

Ans: (D) he asked the girl about the sights outside.

14. The writer likes the sound of the girl’s

(A) hair
(B) walking
(C) voice
(D) ear rings

Ans: (C) voice

15. The blind girl said that she loved the –

(A) tree
(B) animals
(C) hills
(D) forests

Ans: (C) hills.

16. “But why are you so serious?” – Who asked this question? –

(A) the new fellow traveller of the narrator
(B) the girl
(C) the narrator
(D) the girl’s parents.

Ans: (B) the girl.

17. The co-passenger of the author who hot into the train at Saharanpur, noticed the girl’s –

(A) face
(B) hair
(C) dress
(D) eyes

Ans: (D) eyes

18. In the story “The Eyes Have It”, the girl wished to visit the

(A) hills in Dehra
(B) tourist spots of Mussoorie
(C) hills of Mussoorie
(D) hills of Saharanpur.

Ans: (C) hills of Mussoorie.

19. The narrator was curious about the –

(A) girl’s face
(B) girl’s eyes
(C) girl’s hair
(D) girl’s aunt

Ans: c) girl’s hair.

20. According to the narrator, the girl had a/an –

(A) interesting face
(B) beautiful face
(C) pretty face
(D) innocent face

Ans: (A) interesting face.

21. The narrator first discovered that the girl –

(A) had a sweet voice
(B) could laugh sweetly
(C) had worn slippers
(D) had an interesting face.

Ans: (C) had worn slippers.

22. The passenger who got into the train at Saharanpur broke into the narrator’s

(A) dream
(B) imagination
(C) reverie
(D) seat

Ans: (C) reverie

23. The girl liked –

(A) long journey
(B) journey by day
(C) short journey
(D) journey at night.

Ans: (C) short journey.

24. The couple who came to see her off was very anxious about the girl’s –

(A) comfort
(B) health
(C) journey
(D) sitting arrangement

Ans: (A) comfort.

25. The thought of laughter made the narrator –

(A) scared
(B) glad
(C) troubled
(D) amiable.

Ans: (C) troubled.

26. The word  `reverie’ means – 

(A) fancy 
(B) daydream 
(C) fantasy 
(D) tales.

Ans:  (D) daydream.

27. The narrator wondered if the girl thought him to be a –

(A) brilliant person
(B) cruel person
(C) romantic fool
(D) fool.

Ans: (C) romantic fool.

28. The girl wanted to know from the narrator if he saw any –

(A) animals
(B) mountains
(C) rivers
(D) forests

Ans: (A) animals.

29. The eyes of the narrator were sensitive to

(A) light
(B) heat
(C) light and darkness
(D) shadows

Ans: (C) light and darkness

30. The narrator felt that the remark he made about the face of the girl was –

(A) safe
(B) interesting
(C) unconventional
(D) extraordinary

Ans: (B) safe

31. According to the narrator, aunts are usually –

(A) gentle creatures
(B) formidable creatures
(C) lovely creatures
(D) friendly creatures

Ans: (B) formidable creatures

32. The scent of the perfume of the girl’s hair was –

(A) pleasant
(B) sweet
(C) tantalizing
(D) attractive

Ans: (C) tantalizing

33. The girl who was tired of people telling her that –

(A) she had an interesting face
(B) she had an ugly face
(C) she had a pretty face
(D) she had a charming face.

Ans: (C) she had a pretty face.

34. What tantalized the narrator was the –

(A) ringing laugh of the girl
(B) sweet talk of the girl
(C) melodious voice of the girl
(D) perfume of the girl’s hair

Ans: (D) perfume of the girl’s hair.

35.The third passenger got into the train at

(A) Saharanpur
(B) Rohana
(C) Dehra
(D) Mussoorie

Ans: (A) Saharanpur.

36. The girl’s voice had the spark of

(A) stars
(B) rivers
(C) mountain stream
(D) none of the above

Ans: (C) mountain stream

37. The narrator was considered to be lucky by the girl because he was going to

(A) Delhi
(B) Rohana
(C) Mussoorie
(D) Dehradun

Ans: (C) Mussoorie

38. There was some confusion

(A) on the platform
(B) inside the compartment
(C) at the ticket counter
(D) in the doorway

Ans: (D) in the doorway

39. The girl could not bear to seat in a train for more than

(A) half hour
(B) one hour
(C) two or three hours
(D) four or five hours

Ans: (C) two or three hours

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