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1.too = also/not only ….. but also/as well as/both ….. and …..

e.g.:He has a car and a motorcycle too.
He has a car as well as a motorcycle.
He has not only a car but also a motorcycle.
He has both a car and a motorcycle.

2.too = very/extremely

e.g.:It is too hot.
It is extremely hot.
It is very hot.

3. too + adj + infinitive = so + adj + that + negation

e.g.: The words are too difficult to understand.
The words are so difficult that they cannot be understood.

too এর জায়গায় so বসাতে হবে।
to এর জায়গায় that বসাতে হবে।
বাক্যটি যদি present tense এ থাকে তাহলে subordinate clause এ cannot এবং past tense এ থাকলে could not বসাতে হবে।

4. too + adj + negation + infinitive = so + adj + that
e.g.: Her perfume is too strong to not be noticed.
Her perfume is so strong that it can be easily/surely/ definitely be noticed.

I am too tired to go to school.
I am so tired that I cannot go to school.
We are too thrilled to express it in words.
We are so thrilled that we cannot express it in words.
The hoarding is too large to not be noticed.
The hoarding is so large that it can be easily noticed.

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