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Price -hike of essential commodities is one of the major problems of the developing countries. Ours is a developing nation and is surrounded by many serious problems. Most of the people of this country live below poverty line. Now they are getting suffocated as the price of essential commodities are increasing by leaps and bounds. They are living a very miserable life. The suffering of the middle class people beggars description.The purchasing power of the people has decreased abnormally. Price-hike is seriously damaging the vitality of the country’s economy. The major causes of this problem are-decrease of production, increase of money supply, hoarding, black-marketing, syndicating, population explosion, natural calamities etc. At present almost all the sections of society are victims of this grave issue. It is high time to take preventive measures to control this price-hike. Increase of production, decrease of money supply, decrease of public expenditure, creation of self-employment opportunities, population control, prevention of natural calamities, stopping hoarding and black-marketing etc. are some of the preventing measures to control this serious issue. The sooner we can implement these measures the better our country will progress.

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