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The Editor,
The Telegraph,
Kolkata- 1

Subject: Problems of high speed vehicles

I shall be highly obliged if you allow me a space in your esteemed daily to express my concern regarding the high speeds of public vehicles in our city. Over the past few months, I have noticed that the drivers of buses, taxis, and other public vehicles often exceed the speed limit, putting the safety of passengers and other road users at risk.

The high speeds at which these vehicles travel can cause accidents and lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Additionally, the fast speeds make it difficult for other road users to anticipate the movements of these vehicles, leading to increased traffic congestion and road rage.

I believe that it is essential for the local authorities to take action to address this issue. This could include increasing the fines for speeding, providing additional training for public vehicle drivers, or implementing stricter regulations for the operation of these vehicles.

I urge you to bring this matter to the attention of the relevant authorities and encourage them to take action to ensure the safety of all road users.

Yours sincerely,
[Your name]

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