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Here is a sample format for a letter requesting police presence at an exam center:

The Officer in Charge,
[Insert local police station name and address]

Subject: Request for Police Presence at Examination Center

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this letter to request for police presence at the [Insert name of examination center] during [Insert name of examination] which will be conducted on [Insert date of examination]. The examination is being conducted for [Insert number of students/applicants] students/applicants and the center is located at [Insert address of examination center].

The presence of the police force will help in maintaining order and discipline during the examination and ensure the safety of students, staff and the examination materials. I believe that this will help to prevent any untoward incident and promote a peaceful and secure environment for the examination.

I request you to provide us with a sufficient number of police personnel to be deployed at the examination center during the examination. The examination will be conducted from [Insert start time] to [Insert end time].

Thank you for your understanding and support in this matter. I would be happy to provide any further information or clarification if needed.


[Your name and signature]
[Designation and name of the organization]

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