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  1. They built a new house.
  2. He ate all the cake.
  3. She wrote a beautiful poem.
  4. We are planting trees.
  5. The teacher explains the lesson.
  6. They have completed the project.
  7. I will finish the report tomorrow.
  8. He is repairing the car.
  9. She has painted the room.
  10. We were cleaning the house.
  11. The dog chased the cat.
  12. They found a lost wallet.
  13. He fixed the broken chair.
  14. She has cooked dinner.
  15. We will buy new furniture.
  16. The storm damaged the roof.
  17. They elected a new president.
  18. He solved the math problem.
  19. She won the race.
  20. We saw a shooting star.
  21. The doctor examined the patient.
  22. They canceled the meeting.
  23. He invented a new gadget.
  24. She prepared a delicious meal.
  25. We play football every weekend.
  26. The police arrested the suspect.
  27. They discovered a hidden treasure.
  28. He opened the window.
  29. She started a new job.
  30. We invited our friends to the party.
  31. The teacher graded the exams.
  32. They organized a charity event.
  33. He took a photograph.
  34. She sent the email.
  35. We visited the museum.
  36. The chef cooked a gourmet meal.
  37. They built a bridge.
  38. He repaired the leaky faucet.
  39. She wrote a heartfelt letter.
  40. We adopted a puppy.
  41. The artist painted a beautiful landscape.
  42. They completed the marathon.
  43. He won the chess tournament.
  44. She planted flowers in the garden.
  45. We booked tickets for the concert.
  46. The mechanic fixed the car engine.
  47. They elected a new board member.
  48. He solved the mystery.
  49. She caught the ball.
  50. We watched a movie last night.
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