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The Manager,
Rangeela Book Store
16/2 College Street
Kolkata -32

Subject: Request to hold the purchased book.

This is to inform you that I recently visited your esteemed bookstore, where I had the pleasure of purchasing a book titled “The Story of My Life” on 1st July 2023. However, due to an unfortunate oversight, I left the book behind and forgot to bring it with me. I value the book and would prefer to collect it from your bookstore rather than having it shipped or purchasing another copy. Please find the details of the book purchase below:

Book Title: The Story of My Life
Author: Hellen Keller
Publisher: Booksway
Purchase Date: 1st July, 2023
Receipt Number: 453

I am writing to kindly request your assistance in keeping the book secure until I am able to retrieve it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could hold onto it for me until 15th July 2023. I want to express my gratitude in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]

6th July 2023

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