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  1. He repairs the car.
  2. She designs a logo.
  3. They play a musical instrument.
  4. We plant trees in the park.
  5. The technician fixes the computer.
  6. He installs the software.
  7. She publishes a book.
  8. They clean the house.
  9. We announce the winner.
  10. The doctor treats the patient.
  11. He solves the puzzle.
  12. She sings a song.
  13. They build a house.
  14. We write a letter.
  15. The chef cooks a meal.
  16. He tells a story.
  17. She paints a picture.
  18. They organize a party.
  19. We prepare a meal.
  20. The teacher gives a lecture.
  21. He repairs the bike.
  22. She designs a website.
  23. They play a game.
  24. We plant flowers in the garden.
  25. The technician fixes the TV.
  26. He creates a sculpture.
  27. She publishes a blog post.
  28. They clean the room.
  29. We announce the news.
  30. The doctor examines the patient.
  31. He writes a novel.
  32. She teaches French.
  33. They build a bridge.
  34. We bake a cake.
  35. The company develops software.
  36. He solves a riddle.
  37. She reads a story.
  38. They plant a garden.
  39. We organize a concert.
  40. The chef prepares a special dish.
  41. He paints a masterpiece.
  42. She writes a blog post.
  43. They play a musical instrument.
  44. We clean the windows.
  45. The teacher conducts an experiment.
  46. He repairs the roof.
  47. She designs a logo.
  48. They manufacture cars.
  49. We sell products online.
  50. The mechanic fixes the engine.
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