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Change the voice:

  1. She has finished the homework.
  2. John will inform you.
  3. Which book do you want?
  4. Who did this?
  5. Never judge a book by its cover.
  6. Open the door.
  7. The child is playing a piano.
  8. He sent an offer letter.
  9. Finish the project.
  10. Do you like Neela?
  11. Arijit Singh sings beautiful songs.
  12. Titli is known to me.
  13. Cricket is played by Raju.
  14. Ramkrishna worshipped Maa Kali.
  15. Ajay delivered a speech to the students.
  16. Ved Vyasa wrote Mahabharata.
  17. The cat drank the milk.
  18. The piano was being played by Shyamal.
  19. The guards will have locked the gates by 2 P.M.
  20. Who cooked the meal?
  21. Where was my book found by him?
  22. The children are playing cricket.
  23. Who screamed at last night?
  24. He is selling vegetables.
  25. The teacher has taught us Mathematics.

Voice Change Worksheet 2

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